“Michael is the best. He drove the concept fulfilling all requirements to the highest of standards. He continues to astound with ongoing commitment to my project.


I am chilled out, I know my stuff  (when it comes to programming) and take my time to explain things in detail while asking enough questions to be sure to provide you with the information you need.

I will never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam. Promise!

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Awesome!  Can't wait to meet you online and help out with your PHP Journey. Enjoy!!

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About Me

I am a family guy from Scotland and I have 4 children.  One is already grown up and is also a computer programmer.  We all enjoy being out in the countryside with our horses as it gives us the much needed time away from the computer. 

Technology is continually advancing, we are ALL continually learning.  I have made many advancements & also many mistakes.  I want to share my knowledge so that you can be ACHIEVE a higher level of programming INSTANTLY.  I also offer email advice, training videos and seminars to help you to learn any aspect of PHP programming.  My key areas or you could say - "niche" are PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML5 and Jquery as well as API Integration.

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